Your First Lesson

first-lessonVerna teaches in her Midtown studio in Toronto on a one-to-one basis. Using gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction, she begins by exploring a student’s individual patterns of movement and reaction. A chair, mirror, and table are often used during the sessions, in addition to any props or activities particular to the student’s situation.

It is important for first-time students to keep in mind that the Alexander Technique is not a “quick fix”. Negative physical habits are usually the result of a lifetime of misuse; in addition, each student brings with them their own unique history, goals, and level of commitment. Verna therefore recommends that new students consider taking a number of lessons on a consistent basis (about 30-40, preferably weekly). Through regular lessons and self-practice, students can begin to develop a solid foundation that can lead to a lifetime of benefits.

Cost: $85.00 per lesson
5-lesson package: $410.00
10-lesson package: $800.00

Please note: Fees are tax deductible for performing artists as “Professional Development”.