What Students Say

sayShirley McQueen, Broadcaster
“Verna Johnson creates a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment in which to ‘let go’, making room for infinite new possibilities for self- expression and accomplishment.  Her many years of studying and teaching allows her to make each lesson feel like a personal and professional milestone.”

“As an actor and a broadcaster communication is key.  Everything – my voice, breathing, movement – even my ability to focus mentally have been enhanced with the Alexander Technique.  Of course years of incorrect habit and instruction do not disappear overnight.  The dedication the Alexander Technique requires has proven more than worth it in many aspects of my life.”

“The Alexander Technique is as much a sensory awakening as a physical one. Verna illuminated the path to ‘getting out of the way’ in order for my body’s natural primary control reflex to rule my movement and posture.  When I finally experienced that, it was like an epiphany. The tremendous amount of effort I used to put into trying to dominate how I filled my frame is now available to put to use elsewhere, the stress induced replaced by a sense of anchored freedom.”

Eugene Watts, Musician
“As founder and thirty-year member of the Canadian Brass, I have an intimate appreciation for the performance benefits of the Alexander Technique. Many of the problems that the technique works on are the same as those all musicians face—proper use of breath, posture, physical coordination, focus and so forth. Through consistent study with Verna in the Alexander Technique, I have been able to maintain my stamina and positive relationship between body and instrument. I may be one of Verna’s longest standing clients, having taken lessons with her for almost 20 years, but this merely speaks to her ability to continually offer me new insights and guidance.”

Greg Lindberg, Engineer
“As a systems engineer, I spend most of my day sitting at a computer terminal. Through my lessons with Verna, I have become much more aware of my posture and how I habitually hold tension in my shoulders and neck.

With Verna’s help to address this, I now work much more effectively and have avoided the back problems and wrist strain that has affected several of my coworkers. Verna has also taught me how to walk (and sit) with more confidence, helping to build my professional image when meeting with clients. I enjoy her quiet studio in the Annex. It’s a good break from the office, and Verna has been quite flexible arranging lessons around my schedule.”